pls help me Write a VB program to capture and view
the following student’s records: Matno, StudentName, Dept, Program &Level.
Use MS Access or any other database.
Note: Divide yourselves into groups

Here helpers dont provide full developed source code before seeing your efforts used. You can also tell more about "Divide yourselves in gorups". what does it mean?

As the request stated, devide yourself into a group, meaning that you need to sit with the rest of the people in your class/group and discuss how you will be going about creating the application, how the code will be executed etc.

You need to do SOME work from your end before we can assist you. We will however not do your homework for you.

And while you are sitting down with your fellow classmates, don't forget to bring along the ole Mark I recording device, a pencil and paper so you can document your database design and program flow...

Good Luck

Note: Divide yourselves into groups

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