hi, i have an error in my syntax where define operator +() . compiler says "declaration syntax error" i have. what is my fault!?

class exforsys{
int x,y;
exforsys(){x=0; y=0;}
void getvalue(){
cout<<"\n enter value for x:";
cout<<"\n enter value for y:";
void displayvalue(){
cout<<"value of x is:"<<"value of y is:"<<y; }
exforsys operator + (exforsys);
exforsys exforsys :: operator +(exforsys e2){
int x1=x+e2.x;
int y1=y+e2.y;
return exforsys(x1,y1);
void main(){
exforsys e1,e2,e3;
cout<<"enter value for object e1:";
cout<<"enter value for object e2:";

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tnx man. i correct that to this:

exforsys(int x,int y){x=0; y=0;}

but it says:
"could not not find a match for exforsys::exforsys"
for the line after main function starts.

Are you trying to make me believe you got the ; in the right place?

The only thing I would do with that code is press CTRL-A then press DEL.

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