My code was working fine when I tried with 3 columns. Now, when I mode columns (13) it throws the error. Please see attached the file and do help me.


I suspect you have a type mismatch. It is hard to tell since I feel like I am getting in on the end of a discussion. Am I supposed to know what type of object an LVN is? It would help if I did, but I don't. It is hard to read the message because it is blurry on my computer, but I suspect a type mismatch of some sort.

That is ListView (LVW). I don't know why it is not working after adding more columns. Using MS Access database and the field property is set to "TEXT".

Further help please.

Actually the error occurs when there are some fields are empty. So, how can I avoid this error? How to re-code it to accept the null/empty fields?

Please do help.

.Add(IIf(IsDBNull(MyReader.Item(3)), "N/A", MyReader.Item(3)))