I am a c# and MSSql Server beginner, one of the project that i created is the library system database, I used MSSql Server as my database and c# as my interface. I have no problem to run that application coz it runs smoothly and better without any error. One of the features of it is that it is a password protected and only the employees that i created from the database could access the system. So one of my problem is that when i run the exe file from another computer, i found out that it is always dependent from my database that i created and since it is a password protected it is hard for me to logged in and all the data is blank likewise. So How can i solve this problem? How do i create an exe file that include all the database records and is not dependent to the database? Should i use WCF service for hosting as my temporary database server?

So thanks a lot in advance, and may God bless us always...


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It seems that your database resides on your local computer. Install your database somewhere else and add specific database user that have restrictions based on privileges of that account.

In your client app you just need to have a configuration file that can be edited on the fly for the login details of the user, a simple login module is good enough.

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