how can i valiadte each cell in a datagrid view seperately,
i have one column int which is the 7th column and the 3rd and the 5th are calender control and the first two are combo boxes, and a check box column

Question 1:
how can i select on item in the combo box cell, now i have to click twice to select a values. can i specify to that cell only.???

Qustion 2:
and also to the Calender control i need to validate that the user enters a valid date (todate or early date) not a previous date,

Question 3:
when i click on the heck box i need to display todays date in the next calender control cell

Question 4:
in the textbox cell i need to calidate that the user should not enter special characters .

Question 5:
and also i need to make sure that only integer is allows in the other textbox column which alows the user to add the telephone number

please can someone help me with this

appreciate alot


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