Hey im finding it difficult to start this prrogram that i need to create can u please give me a hand. and if u need more info let me know.

Build a simulation system of a double auction market. In this system, you
simulate a number of traders (buyers and sellers) and a single auctioneer. Each trader can
generate a number of bids (randomly generate with the specification detailed below). The
bids from all traders are sent to the auctioneer. The auctioneer tries to match the bids as
many as possible, including residual bids, and clears all matched bids.

You must create a class, named Trader, to simulate a trader (either a seller or a buyer). The class should randomly generate a number of bids (specified by NUMBIDS). The bid ids should be automatically generated without duplication in each run of the program. The quantity of each bid should be a random number between MINQUANTITY and MAXQUANTITY. The price of each bid should be a
random number between MINPRICE and MAXPRICE


If you don't even understand the question, then go and talk to your tutor.

If you're stuck on part of the answer, then post some relevant code and ask a question about that code (in the context of your problem).
Eg. I think I need a list of bids, but my list keeps dropping the latest bid. Here is my code.

Don't just dump your assignment fresh from the email message from your tutor then sod off down the beach or something, expecting us to take up your slack - it ain't gonna happen.

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