Hi all,

I'm developing a program and I want a way to print out French characters. When I post the French characters in the menu, like this

AppendMenu(hSubMenu, MF_STRING, NEW_LIST, L"ç");

The ""ç" shows with no problem. But I wanna make it to show either in an editable box, or some other way. Both ways dont work.

HWND hEdit   = CreateWindowEx(
                                WS_BORDER | WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE,
                                0, 60,
                                100, 30,
                                hwnd, NULL,

This does not work. The "ç" shows as "Б", or something like that, but when i copy and paste it in other program, its "ç" again. If I paste it in the editable box its "ç". It don't show properly if the edit box is a static box for example or a list box.
Any help would be appreciated.

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With #pragma setlocale("French") or #pragma setlocale("french") French characters don't appear properly, but also Bulgarian chars don't appear properly. I want both French and Bulgarian characters to appear properly in my program.

Do all the other characters in the MS-Windows os appear correctly in French? In otherwords, are you using English or French operating system? Have you tried asking that question on Microsoft's programming forums, which are often answered by Microsoft technicians?

I use english OS but Bulgarian(Cyrillic) characters appear properly in the application, and all the French characters appear as "Б", and for example if I paste a French character in notepad, it saves properly. Only my program don't show them properly. I will try also asking on MS forums, but I don't have registration there, and don't know the procedure there.

I had this problem with a program that I tried to write only using the polish alphabet - I gave up!

Interestingly I can get french letters to show but certain others won't. For example, "ÀÇçąĉƓƸçƂȩèéÈÉê", regardless from which language they come from, these show up in the IDE (before a compile) as "ÀÇç????ç??èéÈÉê"!

There may well be other forces at work here given that setlocale("") doesn't appear to achieve anything!

tehmarto, if your program is up-and-running and your prepared to send me your prog, I can try it on my machine and see if everything works here.


Anyways, I think problem is that in the control panel->date,time,language settings->add other languages->advanced->language for non Unicode programs... there I should select and install French language, probably the same is for your polish alphabet. I will try this and post feedback as soon as I'm ready. Got to download windows again.

Edit: There is Polish at that list too.

Now that I installed French language, French letters show but Bulgarian letters show as "l". And when I open notepad and set the encoding to Unicode in notepad I can enter both French and Bulgarian letters, which means that its possible, but I don't know how to do this in my program. :)

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