void main()
int a;
char b;
scanf("%d%c",&a,&b); /// char not taken ??
 }                                    // problem with buffer  or stack

i know this can be avoid by using fflush(stdin);
or giving "\n" or space inbetween ;

i need exact answer plzz help !!!

Please explain what you are trying to do. and what language you are using

and what language you are using

In the C-forum, my guess would be 'C' :icon_rolleyes:

Sorry I am new Here I was in C# section, I can't tell where I am half the time.

I learnt C a while ago Like 7 years ago from what I can remember, scanf is something to do with dos input. I would have to do some reading to help you.

if you could remind me what "%d%c" meant I may help you.

these are the format specifiers use to print integers / characters

%c = characters
%d = integers