Hi Team,

Problem Description:
Well i have a script with me(attached) which monitors the response time of each file and sends mail according to its severity

As i am very new to this script it involves mix of korn shell plus html.
Request your guidance on the same.

Presently it sends us through mail, irrespective of all. i.e (pass(green),fail(red),not-available(yellow)..

But now on-wards i need to receive mail only when its fail(red).
I dont want the pass(green) and not-available(yellow).

Please see the attached script and request your guidance on the same in-order to achieve the desired result.


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When you do this

if [ $DIFF -gt 30 ]

Add this line

if [ $DIFF -gt 30 ]

Test that flag when you're about to send email.

Hi Saleem,

Many thanks for your mail.

Well sorry i didnt mentioned that there is a seperate script which runs after few minutes once the main script runs

Attached the mailing script.

As per my understanding.. if ?

except if [ $DIFF -gt 30 ]

I have hashed out the remaining .Also excluding the MS-Excel conversion too.

And the mailing script(attached) then sends the mail

Not sure.. if the above yeilds me with the result.. or is there any other opinion from your end. where on i need to do changes to the main script pointing towards the mailing script

Please advice!


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