I can't even understand this problem since im a stupid beginner.

I feel like I'm gonna die..

Please anybody help me..

Implement a “Cash Register” applet as demonstrated below. It should have the following functionality:

1.A section containing 9 buttons in a 3x3 layout where each button corresponds to an item to be purchased and an associated item cost. The example below has each button correspond to a common fruit.

2.Another button (Clear) below the 9 buttons to set all values back to the original values.

3.A field above the buttons to accept a quantity of items to be purchased.

4.Another field that displays the current total of purchases (sum of all quantity * price). The user should not be able to enter any value into this field directly. There is no need to worry about formatting the display.

5.A display field at the bottom to display the record of items purchased with a associated line item total in the format below. This area should show at least the last five items purchased in the display area. Line items more that 5 can be accessed via a scroll bar (part of a TextArea). The user should not be able to enter any value into this field directly.

3 orange @ .55 each $1.65

The organization of the components on the screen is important and will be considered for grading purposes. The use of nested panels and the various layout managers is expected.

Can't anybody help me?

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