dear bunch of developers,

i have this JTable and i'm contructing it with a model object extended from a DefaultTableModel. The way i'm passing the data to it is by means of a vector:

public void setData(List<Object> data)

...and in my table model i have something like this:

List<String> columnIdentifiers = new Vector<String>(); 


this.setDataVector(data, this.columnIdentifiers);

...and now i want to set a cell renderer for the first column:

						new MyCellRenderer());

...and i'm mad 'cos i cant get the cell to render the icon it is supposed to.

anybody has already experienced this?

thanks in advance

OK, i've discovered, i was setting the data vector and when i had to change it i was changing the elements of the vector not the actual vector, so the renderer was not being called.

thanks anyway

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