i work on windows application. i have the first form of the authentification ( with username and password) after that i have the principal form. in the load event of this principal form i put a code that shows another form. my problem is that i delete this code but and i delete this form but when i run the application this form is still be shown. i hope you can help me.

hi,this is the code

private void FormPrincipal_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
                 Form3 f = new  Form3();

but i don't want to show Form3 i want to show another form
but when i change the code and run the application, Form3 is still be shown.

I don't get you. If you don't want to show Form3 then simple get rid of that code:

Form3 f = new Form3();

this is what i have done, i delete the code and i delete even the Form3 but while running the application Form3 is shown i don't know why??

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