Hey all,

Sorry for the somewhat confusing title, i don't know how to describe it differently.
Here is the problem that's been wrecking havoc on my brains the past days.

I need to compare 2 byte arrays with each other, this is quite simple.
But now i need to add 2 wildcards to one of the byte arrays.

The problem is how do i know i supposed to use the wildcard code instead of direct comparing.
Now if i could do something like (byte)256 is integer wildcard and (byte)257 is an character wildcard, but this is not possible.
The other idea was use null in the array so i know it's a wildcard and i can go from there but this is also not possible.

The only other idea i had is use an arraylist, and add a different datatype but this would require typeof() everytime, and the speed is the main focus of the application so i am trying to avoid this option.

Does anyone have any ideas?
Thanks allot!

I didn't get you but of you need to just compare if the 2 arrays are equal or not convert them to strings and comapre, please clarify to suggest better solutions