Hello everyone. I am new to this forum and new to visual basic. I am writing a program and all is well except for one problem that I cannot get over..

I have a integer, it is random... I need to convert it to a string so I can put it in a listbox. I have tried in every way I could find to put it in.. it just don't fit. :confused: Can anyone suggest how to enter the int in its current form or tell me how to convert it to a string? Thanks.

send me the project....I'll check out the code for ya.

not tried cstr() ??

then use listbox.additem method

Try this:

listbox.additem str(adodc1.recordset("idnumber"))


listbox.additem format(integer,"nnnnnnnnn")

hope it work.


Thanks for the replys. I used..

listbox.additem format(integer,"nnnnnnnnn")

and it worked great. FINALLY!!!!!! :-)

Thanks again.

Just a few for you

cstr() ' convert to string
ccur() ' convert to curreny
clng() ' convert to long
cint() ' convert to integer
cdbl() ' convert to double

and theres probably a few more if you google search!

Thanks much. I was looking for all the wrong things. :-) I appreciate your patience with newbs like myself.

to convert an integer tot string use: cStr(123)

or: Format(123)