nobody answers my questions. y is ythat am i doing somthing wrong


Ok, well posting messages like this:

Web Browser Making Help
I Have made all the buttons and all code implemented. the only thing is im not sure how to make it so u can type in your url. right now i have it in a combo box. any help on how to get it so i can type it in would be great.


Make it kind of hard. Why? you have not provided any details of what you are trying to do are a little vauge. This question is only a little vague mind you, but my point is, if someone reads it they may not get what you are asking. You have to remember, we are not working on the same thing as you, so it can be hard to figure out what you are asking.

Provide information in your questions like:
-- the code you have tried, what have you tried, what results did it give you?

In this question (correct me if I am wrong), you seem to created your own web browser, but the combobox where a user would enter a URL is not working. Correct? And you want to know how to execute the URL typed into this combobox??

here is a site that may help you to figure this question out:

Web Browser in C# and VB.NET

And what other questions have you been asking, because I have not seen them?

Hope this helps

nobody answers my questions. y is ythat am i doing somthing wrong


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