I'm new in VB, and I have a project to activate LED from VB, but the data from VB should be send first to microcontroller (I am using ATmega8535).
so in simple way I suppose to activate the LED, yhe input is from VB, but it must be through microcontroller..if there's the code, I hope you would like to send it to my email..
Anybody can help me???
Thanks..my email : ...

Hi Abyan,

I dont have ready examples to provide you, but can give u few pointers on how to go about this project..

1. You are looking for serial communication - Use MSComm Control for that - MScomm would help you to transfer command/data to microcontroller through RS232 port of your PC
2. The voltage level from your RS 232 port on Computer (TTTL logic) might not match that of Micro -controller - you might have to use a converter for that
3. When basic hardware is set up, you would need to send data from your PC to micro-controller - you can get a sample program on URL mentioned below

hope this helps you...
best of luck


Actually I'm not confused with the hardware, just consider the hardware is done..
what I'm confusing is that the initialization that I should write both in VB and CodeVision..cause I'm new in learning this... Please any other solution..