im studying in class 12 and i need a project for my school assessment. im not looking for those boring library management,hotel management and stuff but something interseting which will force me to think.
i know a little bit of graphics to the extent that ive made program to draw the a graph of any user input polynomial, and have made a couple of games by myself (tic tac toe and galaxian).
so any ideas....
oh and use turbo c++ 3.0 not the ones the dont use <iostream.h> and require 'using namespace std'a and stuff.

heres my ploynomial cpp

//displays the graph of a polynomial function in x//
//working and even goes complex!!!!!!!!!//
#include <math.h>
#include <iostream.h>
#include <conio.h>
#include <graphics.h>
void main()
int deg,i,gdriver = DETECT,gmode;long double x1,y1,x2,y2,a[20];
cout<<"Enter the degree of the polynomial: ";cin>>deg;
cout<<"nEnter the equation of polynomial ((a0)x^(deg)+(a1)x^(deg-1)+(a2)x^(deg-2)....) : ";
for(i=0;i<=deg;i++){cout<<"Enter a"<<i<<": ";cin>>a[i];}
//coordinate axis
else y1=240+(-1*y1);
#include <graphics.h>
#include <iostream.h>
#include <conio.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
int aa,bb,i,z=0,arr[100],score=0;
void checker();
void enemy();
void skow();
void main()
int c;
int x,y,ox,oy;
x = ox = 40;
y = oy = 10;
cout<<"This is a prototype game.Do not expect feasible scores(dont know why yhey wont follow the code)  or advanced movement capability."<<
endl<<"Use arrow keys to move your space ship and the 'a' key to fire.NOTE:The firing"<<
endl<<"will be so fast that it will be almost invisible to the naked eye.Press ESC to quit";
for ( ;; )
   {c = getch();
   if (c==0)

       if (c==77) x++;
       if (c==75) x--;
       if (c==72) y--;
       if (c==80) y++;
       if (x>76)  x=76;
       if (x<3) x=3;
       if (y>25) y=25;
       if (y<23) y=23;
       if (x!=ox || y!=oy)
     {gotoxy(ox,oy);printf("    ");
      ox = x;
      oy = y;
  if (c==27) {clrscr();cout<<score;getch();exit(0);}
  for(i=y-1;i>0;i--){gotoxy(x+1,i);cout<<"*";}for(i=y-1;i>0;i--){gotoxy(x+1,i);cout<<" ";
  for(int l=0;l<=z;l+=2)if(arr[l]==x+1 && arr[l+1]==i)score++;


}   }

void enemy()

void checker()
{ if(z<99)
 z+=2;}else z=0;

 void skow()
gotoxy(70,2);cout<<"SCORE:"<<score;if (score>500){clrscr();cout<<"YOU WIN!!!}";getch();exit(0);}}

Your code is total rubbish, void main(), conio.h, no code indenting, magic numbers et al. Have you even ever heard about code conventions? I think those boring library and hotel management stuff are already way too difficult for you to code. If you think so high of yourself that you're ready for the real programming, then you should wake up and quit dreaming, because from the code you posted I conclude you're not. This reply may seem harsh, but it's the reality.

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im not looking for those boring library management,hotel management and stuff but something interseting which will force me to think.

I think you'll find much of the "boring" stuff will indeed force you to think if you do it properly. Any idiot can write an amateurish project without thinking. Writing robust and complete software is much harder than you seem to realize.

so any ideas....

Well, since you're soooo advanced, how about writing an IRC chat client? Maybe a compiler? Or perhaps a MUD? Those are fun. Wait, you said you've done graphics, so someone of your caliber can easily write a graphical MMORPG like World of Warcraft. A nice text editor to replace the blue ugliness of your ancient IDE would be a good project too.

oh and use turbo c++ 3.0 not the ones the dont use <iostream.h> and require 'using namespace std'a and stuff.

You asked for ideas, not code. If what you really want is a freebie tailored to your crap ass compiler, I encourage you to piss off.

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I've got a library which you can obtain at using subversion. It's basically my playground for learning and exploring some concepts. It was written using cbuilder, and gcc so it should be compatible with your system.

The wiki gives a bit of an intro to some of the things.

It currently does not use templates very much, this is where you come in. Try to rewrite as many classes as you can using templates. Separate the original code and the template code with #ifdef's so you can compile it either way.

Most classes have unit test cases built in, (another ifdef) so you can create a test suite fairly easily to verify your code.

Good luck, and if you decide to take this on, please post your results, and if I like them, I'll incorporate them into the existing library.

Yep, I have to agree with mvmalderen here.
You have a poor coding style, and you need to catch up with time.

You need to clean up big time bro!

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