Thanks for this posting, very useful.

I have used the above code, but had to make one minor (but important) change. I happened to be using text containing backslashes, which threw the RTF out. This was overcome by modifying the main InsertLink function to escape RTF special characters first:

Private Function EscapeRTF(ByVal sText As String) As String
            sText = sText.Replace("\", "\\")
            sText = sText.Replace("{", "\{")
            sText = sText.Replace("}", "\}")
            Return sText
        End Function

        Public Sub InsertLink(ByVal text As String, ByVal hyperlink As String, ByVal position As Integer)
            If position < 0 OrElse position > Me.Text.Length Then
                Throw New ArgumentOutOfRangeException("position")
            End If

            hyperlink = EscapeRTF(hyperlink)
            text = EscapeRTF(text)
            Me.SelectionStart = position
            Me.SelectedRtf = ("{\rtf1\ansi " & text & "\v #") + hyperlink & "\v0}"
            Me.[Select](position, text.Length + hyperlink.Length + 1)
            Me.[Select](position + text.Length + hyperlink.Length + 1, 0)
        End Sub