have just "finished" learning C. By finished, I mean I have learned all the basics in plain vanilla C (command prompt style).

I want to get into windows developement so that i can create something useful.

What should be my next step?

Should i be learning a object oriented language like c++ and then learn .net or MFC?

Or just start learning win32 api?

If i write applications in .net framework, that means every user of that application need to have .net installed on their computer, right? So is win32 api the only way to write applications native to windows?

Is MFC an old way of writing apllications?

Happy to listen to any advice you give me.

>>What to learn first: .net, win32 or MFC

None of the above. The next step is to learn c++ because both MFC and .NET use c++ extensively. After c++ I would probably learn CLR/C++, saving MFC for last, if at all. It would be better choice to learn C# than MFC.