Imagine that we have 10 Labels from up to down in a Form, that each of them contains a number.
How can I sort these Labels?, so that the greatest number go to the top of Labels and the smallest one go to the end?

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You could use a listbox to do this, but assuming you have reason to not do this,
Create a label array

Label[] labels = {label1, label2 etc}
for(int x = 0; i < labels.Count(); x++)
    var changes = false;
    for (int i = 0; i < labels.Count() - 1 - x; i++)
        if (Int.Parse(labels[i].Text) > Int.Parse(labels[i + 1].Text)
            var x = labels[i].Top;
            labels[i].Top = label[i + 1].Top;
            labels[i + 1].Top = x;
            changes = true;
    if (changes == false)

I didn't write this in the compiler, so some parts may be wrong. Check it over. This is the bubble sort I have done in maths. The reason x is taken away each time is because the highest number sinks to the top every pass, so you don't need to compare it. The - 1 is because you cannot compare the last on its own.

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