I have recently made a database in MS Access that has a user-friendly GUI. Can someone please tell me how I can hide the Host Application [MS Access] so that when I run my database, the GUI gives the illusion that the database that I created is a stand alone program? Also, is there any difference in how to accomplish this in Access 2003 and Access 2007? Unfortunately, I have to use both versions on multiple terminals where the database is stored on a shared network drive.

Just a few things to have in mind:
1) 2007 specific commands / options are not valid on 2003 so they fail when starting the application with 2003. Ex: Ribbon 2007 is not supported by 2003.
2) 2003 menus are recognizad as addin in 2007, not as menus.
3) I used to revamp all the application to 2007 but saving it in 2003 db format, in order to be able to make an mde.
4) Change all the menus to personalized ribbons. Set you main ribbon as the default ribbon. Hide all the unnecessary Access options and ribbons.
5) Verify the breaking changes in DAO.
6) Finally, as MS ACCESS 2007 is required, I just used to create a virtualizaed terminal server for the application.

Good luck