write a c++ program for doing string searching?
the assumptions:
1.the progeam should read an arbitrary text from a text file. the name of the file should be read from the user.
2.the size of the text (num of lines and num of characters in each line is arbitrary. the program should not assum the num of lines in the file.
3.while reading the file the program should memorize the data in an appropriate array. the arbitrary size of matrices suggests the use of dynamic memory allocation together with pointers.
4.the operation performed by program should be searching a spcified string with in the text.
5.the result of the program should be the number of lines in which the text has been found together with the number of occurrences in each line.
6.the results of the computations should be displayed to the screen. if the searched string does not occur in the text this information should be displayed to the screen.

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Nobody is going to solve this problem for you. You need to show some effort before we will provide any assistance.

Start off with some code and I'm sure everyone here are willing to help with your problem.