* At other projects it's working.

I try to do in eclipse: export -> java -> Runnable Jar... but it tells me:
could not find main method...
but in my main class I defined it it has:
public static void main(String[] args)

(the file is created, but when i double click it - java exception...)

Maybe this will help to:

* I use a lot of jars in my project, which exist in the same folder of the project and added to build path, and also I manually added user libraries.

I would really appreciate help with a solution.

About the makefest:
The eclipse should do this for me, and no, it does not. Actually, the action of the jar making is not finished. When I open the jar file that created, the mainfest in it is pretty much empty and without a main-class definition. But even when I edit it and add the main class line, it has a java error when i click it.

I made a runnable jar to this project about 1-2 month ago, and the mainfest file was long, and the mainfest folder contained a lot of things, maybe beacuse it's an Apache Tomact Project ? or has a lot of jars ? I don't know, i need to start it regulary...