I've been designing a Bookstore where students can login to their accounts and buy books.
And since then i've been struggling with this " error '424' Object required " and i i don't know how to fix it.
This starts at the beginning of the program at the login.

Here is my code:

Private Sub Command1_Click()

Dim str As String

studentid = Text1.Text
Password = Text2.Text
cond = False

str = "SELECT StudentID,Password From student ORDER BY StudentID ASC"
dataStudent.RecordSource = str "<=== I keep having error here

studentid = Text1.Text
Password = Text2.Text
cond = False

Do While Not dataStudent.Recordset.EOF And cond = False
 If dataStudent.Recordset.Fields("StudentID").Value = studentid Then
    If dataStudent.Recordset.Fields("Password").Value = Password Then
        cond = True
    End If
End If
 If cond = False Then
   MsgBox = " Incorrect Login or Password"
 End If
End Sub

I keep getting error at line 10 altought the statement looks correct.
I'm desperate and don't know what to do.
Would welcome anything


are u using DAO then first connect to the database and then to the table

if u r using ADO then when u end the "str" use the connection string to database there with relevant options such as adopendynamic,adlockoptimistic

why r u making it so tedious....

simply open a connection string directly put in text1 and text2 in ur sql....if matches show form or quit. SIMPLE

i also actually need to load the whole line in the database.

Im not the best at VB, but it seems that on line 3 when you declar Dim str as string. its recognizing str as a keyword. thats why it is saying object required on line 10. Your putting a keyword there, not a string object. Rename your str.

Dear sir

with my little experience of Vb I m pleased to inform U that the "str" is actually function and can not be used as U have done in line 3. Instead of str u can use any other word like st, srt, mystr etc...
Surely this will help U.

with regards

Bashir Ahmad