Helllooooooooooo There..I'm new here..and there's something i want to ask ..Please help me if you don't mind..^^

Is it possible for me to restrict my desktop application only for 1 computer..can anyone teach me how to do that?or maybe gimme some references or ebooks for it ..thanks a lot .. I really appreciate your help.. :)

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Do you mean you want your application to only be executable by one specific computer? Or do you only want one instance of the application to exist at any one time?


yes that's exactly what i mean,only can be accessed by 1 computer..like using license..1 license per computer :)

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Hmm, you could have a little login screen, or make the program check for a key file somewhere when it starts up; though if someone understands how to reverse engineer applications it may not be hard for them to work around it.

That's about as much use as I can be, if I think of anything else I'll come back and let you know.

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