I finally figured out that my applet needs to be signed for it to work. So I've spent the last few hours figuring out how to do that. I used the keytool to create my .crt file, then created the .jar file using jarsigner. After I did all of that, nothing has changed with my applet. I made the applet with netbeans, so in my netbeansprojects folder, I use the html that is made to run my applet, and it does nothing different. Shouldn't I get a security prompt when I open it? Can somebody please help me. I pretty much made copies of the jar and crt files and placed them in every folder in case it was a path problem.

yes it will ask if you accept the certificate. Did you sign it after you cleaned and compiled? you may need to sign it after everytime you compile. Also make sure there are no errors in both the process.

As far as I know there wasn't any errors. The applet works fine in netbeans, and after I signed it, it said that it will expire in six months or something

This is the weirdest thing I have ever seen. I already uploaded the files to my site and it wasn't working. I restarted my computer this afternoon and tried it again, and it works perfectly.

sometimes even after the applet is closed the process still seems to be on. ending it may make it before signing and using the file may work [through task manager]. Has happened to me in the past.