hello to you all,
i need some assistance in making the right decisions here. i have been requested to create a system that will do the following:-

when a customer gives his order, it is not written on a paper, everything is on soft copy. the data clerks enter user name and password(1st form) to access the form(2nd form) where she will enter all the customer requires.

when she is through with entering the details...the form is sent to the manager for approval which when approved is sent to the stores manager to issue the materials required by the customer.

there is an element of networking because all of this is done right there and then while the customer is awaiting his goods.

any ideas will be highly appreciated...other requirements is reordering level of the inventory, viewing of the report and query that shows items that were not issued by the store manager because they were not available in the inventory


Elizabeth Mwashuma

Well it would be ideal to have a central DB yo do this. Access is not a good choice. Yes network is necessary. If you don't know the basics you shouldn't be accepting such a task at your level.

actually i needed assistance in views...i don think its not a task at my level...i only needed views plus its a modification of the forms i was creating earlier.
no ill intentions

ok fair enough. How many individuals will be using this application?

approx 10 people....sorry if i offended you in any way i totally i appreciate your help...av put in a lot of liking in this project and even though its not for the money i really want to be a software developer...and i think everyone's baby steps are the hardest....

the system will be used by approx 10 people.

For 10 people access is sufficient. But I am not aware of Legalities here. You may need an access Licence from Microsoft to do what you want to do. I am not sure though. I would recommend you use an open source free SQL DB.

You may check http://www.postgresql.org/ it may be overkill for your needs tho.

There is also http://dev.mysql.com/ which is also free and also overkill. I believe there are advantages and disadvantages to each of these.

There are a lot more but these are the most famous.

You may want to read this http://troels.arvin.dk/db/rdbms/

I am not offended, I started in a similar way as you are. So if anything I am happy for you. I just wanted to let you know something like this is not something you should start with if you have no prior background in it.