I would like to create a p2p application; File sharing / chat / etc.. and I am looking for a proper API, tutorial and documentation.

I've been googling here and there for the past 6 hours trying different API's but failing....
I stumbled upon JXTA / JNMP2P ... but both are not working well for me.

1) JXTA has no proper documentation that I can follow ( does not comply beautifully either...)
2) JNMP2P no documentation/tutorial at all... the one on it's page, doesn't even work/explain anything.

ANY help is appreciated.

I don't wanna be using the normal Socket API. as I would like this to be strictly p2p.

Thank you

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Define "strictly p2p" and why that would not use sockets.

The normal sockets; I believe there has to be a main server where all clients connect to it. In my case, when i mean strictly p2p, every peer or client, is it's own server/client connected to another peer which is a server/client. Like how it is in JXTA, except I don't know how to use JXTA nor can find something that can help me use JXTA.

To be honest, it doesnt have to be strictly p2p; anything is appreciated, I just wanna be able ot create a p2p program which I can file-share + chat in.

thank you.

you are wrong. Sockets are sockets, nothing special about them when used in a p2p context.
And you still haven't defined what "strictly p2p" even means in your idea.

so you are suggesting that I use the normal sockets to do my application?

forget strictly p2p for now, as its not very important to the project.

Let's assume that I want to make something like LimeWire but has a multi-threaded chat; what's my best choice of API? Normal Sockets?

I am new to networking under Java, as I don't fully understand all concepts and API's to use when making a network-based application. So excuse my lack of knowledge in this.

Thanks again =)

You're new to programming, so forget about what you want to do for now and learn programming first.

A kid entering school to become a car mechanic isn't going to design and build a Porsche on his first day at school, so why do you expect to write a complex application on your first day?

i would suggest you take a look at the chatApp sample app provided with jnmp2p... on the downloads page.. it should have the essence of what youre trying to do and you can try and build up on that.
However before you venture into uncharted waters.. i do suggest you get your java fundamentals clear and have the patience to wade through the code of the existing libraries.. you would then appreciate the software that you make better.

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