Please if somebody has the time and willingness to do this program in C++ I would be very happy and grateful.

Define a class Cubic that stores the coefficients of a polynomial of degree 3 in a dynamically allocated array of doubles. Supply the "big three" memory management functions. Use this class to demonstrate
(a) the difference between initialization
Cubic s;
Cubic t = s;
and assignment operation
Cubic s;
Cubic t;
s = t;
(b) the fact that all constructed objects are automatically destroyed
(c) the fact that the copy constructor is invoked if an object is passed by value to a function
(d) the fact that the copy constructor is not invoked when a parameter is passed by reference
(e) the fact that the copy constructor is used to copy a return value to the caller.
Supply a member function which calculates the value of the polynomial for a given argument value. Overload + and - operators for addition and subtraction of two polynomials and the unary operator * which return true or false when the corresponding cubic function has or has not critical points. (We say that a function f(x) has a critical point z when its derivative has value null at this point, i.e. f '(z) = 0.) Overload the stream operators << and >>. Demonstrate all these functions and operators.

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No one is going to your homework for you! Can someone put a sticky next to the "Read This Before Posting" sticky that explains not to post homework questions like this!?


how about you try yourself first and the post what you have. I do all my work myself and you should too....lazy. Nothing gets handed to you unless you pay money.

I am not obligating anybody...

OK, then, let's try from another angle. Can you help with clarification of the task itself. It sounds... strange. The coefficients of a polynomial of degree 3 - this should be a,b,c,d from a.x^3+b.x^2+c.x+d, right? And what is it meant by dynamically allocated array. And what "big three"?

Dynamic Memory Allocation

I have no idea what is the "big three" but I guess it's the constructor of the class, the destructor and the assignment operator =.


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