Just downloaded C# 2008 Express and I am working from the 'dummies guide to C# 2008'.

Having initial problem with some things in the book not corresponding to what I am trying to do-

1 cant find a build-build program 1 from the drop down menu. Just build solution. Is this the same thing?

2 cant get a complie message starting with -build started: project: program1, configuration: debug any CPU ...etc

only getting message at bottome build succeeded. Have ticked build in visual toolbar drop down menu but not sure what else to do?

Sorry new to using this software and I havn't got an idea what to do. Please can someone point me in the right direction.


1. Here you can find some information about projects and solutions in Visual Studio(msdn website).
A solution can include one or more projects, so when you click build solution, you choose to build all projects from that solution. If you want to build just a particular project, from solution explorer (View-> solution Explorer), right click on the project you want to build and click "Build".
In your case, I think it is the same build program 1 with build solution.

2. Tools -> Options -> Projects and Solutins -> General -> check Show Output window when build starts.

Good luck,

Thanks Lonut.

Much appreciated. Everything now resolved.