I have two source files main.cpp and process.cpp and two header files dheap.h process.h all under project assignment1, I am using code blocks. I compliled main but I got the following message:
Linking stage skipped (build target has no object files to link)
Nothing to be done.

Is there anything that I missed, this is my first usage of code blocks.

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Did you start out by creating a new project -- Project --> New -->Project, then select the Console Application icon. Then you have to add both main.cpp and process.cpp to the project.

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I have created a new project File--> New-->Project-->Consle Application, etc... a New project called assignment1 was created. then File-->New-->File-->C/C+ Source-->main--> saved under assignment1.
I did the same for Process. then I added two more header files C/C++ header, and saved them under assignment1. when it asked for file name I put main not main.cpp, same for header. assuming that codeblocks will add the extention for me. then I opened main and select build. this is when I got the message.
Thanks Dragon


>>assuming that codeblocks will add the extention for me.
I just tried it and It didn't -- you need to add that too. Check the filenames in Workspace to see that you do have all the *.cpp files you need.

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