I just used MonoDevelop 2.2 for Python under Ubuntu. IT'S AMAZING! Code hinting seems to not be working though...

Anyone has any idea on when the python is gonna jump to windows?

MonoDevelop is for .NET,
so I think the Python binding is actually IronPython.

You can use either IronPython Tools for Visual Studio, which supports somewhat good code-completion, a WPF designer, and some better Silverlight support. Of course, you'll need at least Visual Studio 2010, and you can get for free here.

or SharpDevelop,
which has a WinForms designer, some level of code completion, and a compiler to .exe.

Oh no, the python plugin for MonoDevelop is actually using the CPython that comes preinstalled with Ubuntu

So you mean this code: import clr will not work?
try it, I'm curious

import clr
ImportError: No module named clr

Oh, what a shame.
A .NET IDE like MonoDevelop should add support for dynamic .NET languages such as IronPython.

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