I'm trying to convert a String that I've read from the first line of a text file to integer
this is how:
String="8 12 10"

and this is what I'd like to have:

int x=8
int y=12
int z=10

parseInt doesn't work because it gives me some other number (perhaps the header of the text file or sth)
Plzzzzzzzz help!
thanx in advance

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You want to use String.split. Use white space as the delimiter. That'll split your big String into three smaller Strings. Then you can use parseInt.


Lots of good samples out …

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thank you so much!
great help!

also you can use StringTokenizer();

String x = "8 2 10";
StringTokenizer st = new StringTokenizer(x);

int first = Integer.parseInt(st.nextToken()); // first = 8;

..... and so on. =)

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