Well, first of all i already know some things about c++ programming, but i'm really aiming to video game programming.

Until today, i used to compile my codes on WxDevC++, but isn't really that good, and people keeps telling me that Microsoft visual studio is good for game developing.

But also I've heard that MVS is really crap so i'd like to know your opinion.


You're confusing compilers and IDE's. Microsoft Visual Studio is an IDE, the code is compiled with the Microsoft C++ compiler.

A lot of people have different opinions about IDE's, you're just going to have to try one for yourself and see if you like it, I don't think there is any perfect IDE but Visual Studio definitely is not a bad option. Personally I use Code::Blocks with the Microsoft C++ compiler (I also develop on Linux and Code::Blocks is cross-platform, so I like the fact that I can use the same IDE on Windows and Linux with all the same settings).

There is a free version of Visual Studio (Express edition) however if you use this, you need to install the Microsoft Redistributable package if you want your code to run on someone elses machine (ususally this is already installed but not always). This is not a problem with the paid versions of Visual Studio.

So if you want to develop games for just Windows I would say download the Visual Studio express edition and have a go at it.. if you really like it you can consider buying one of the full packages.