Okay, like my other thread says, I'm working on a game engine. A couple if minutes ago, I compiled, and it ran perfectly. Now, when I compile it, I don't even see a DOS prompt or anything. I'm really confused, can someone help me and tell me what I did wrong?


PS. sorry if it doesn't make sense, the caffiene is starting to wear off. lol

In lieu of caffeine: What change did you make to the code between compiles. Go back to the previous one and work very slowly toward the next one.

When the compiler doesn't return it is sometimes just working very slowly through some kind of template instantiation, and by the time you see this it will have gotten done. Assuming you are compiling from the command line.

Actually, to try to solve it, I did this in main:

//#include "TNTengine.h"
//TNTengine.h includes all my other files for the engine
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main()
    cout << "Test Text";
    return 0;

And still nothing happens.
Any ideas?

Thanks for the help,

edit: I'm using Dev-C++ just so you'll know where I'm coming from

I've switched to Visual C++ 2008 Express, and everything works fine!

Thanks for your help,

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