"We'll help you get started and exchange algorithm ideas, but only if you show that you're willing to put in effort as well."

Of course i am willing to put effort.

I dont expect to get the GUI ready , i need some help with it cuz its the only thing i cant understand at Java with all these frames,panels etc

You need to be a lot more specific about the help you want. If you don't understand "all these frames, panels etc" then I doubt that anyone will have the time to create a personal tutorial for you. Work through a couple of the excellent tutorials on the web.
If there's something specific you don't understand or can't get to work, ask again.

Here are some of my questions.

How do i put rows and columns to my GUI? do i need a JPanel/Label for that?

How do i add blank images to show that there are empty spots for car to park?

How i can add actions to button for example when i press add car a car image is put to a blank space?

Last one i need a mouselistener so that when i click an already parked vehicle(vehicle image) its removes

Below there is an attachment of my GUI assessment you can check if u want

Sorry for being so tedious and annoying its that i have a deadline for tomorrow and im very stressed

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Sorry brother, given your starting point there's no way on earth you're going to complete this tomrrow. There's nothing I can do to help (except to write it for you, which is a complete no-no!). Good luck.

Could you at least answer my questions and give me some sinple examples?

I'm going out soon, so this will have to be v quick.

1. Two JPanels 1 for buttons 1 for the RHside all in a JFrame.
2. Use JLabels for the car park spots - set them all to the same size. Use ImageIcons to set the graphics in the JLables, for a blank just don't set anything, or, have a blank image of the same size..
3. add an ActionListener to the button
4. add a MouseListener to the JLabels, in the Listener just set the labels' ImageIcon to null (or a blank image).

Over to you...

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