I have a file, with some HTML in it.
I would like to make a shell/bash script that moves ALL of the content of that file into ANOTHER HTML file at a CERTAIN line number...
Does anyone have any suggestions?

If not possible at a certain line, then at the END of the file.

Thanks a lot in advance
~ Nikhil

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# put it at the end
cat tomove.html >> toreceive # note >>, not >

There are a variety of ways to put it at a particular spot in the file. You will need a temporary file to hold either the original torecieve or the new one. Lets assume you will build into the temporary and then rename it.

# put it after line 25
head -25 torecieve> tempreceive
cat tomove.html >> tempreceive
tail +26 toreceive >> tempreceive # note the plus sign
mv toreceive old-toreceive
mv tempreceive toreceive

Or you could use sed ... with the r (read file here) command. Similar pattern: Work from existing file into a temp file, then rename.

Either the script or with sed, you could instead first rename the original file to a tempame, then build the new file in place. If this fails, though, it is harder to get back to the initial state.

So -25 is the same thing as +26 ?
Thanks for your help!

Not at all: head -25 gives you the first 25 lines, and tail +26 gives you everything from line 26 onward. Don't think 'head minus twentyfive', think 'head dash twentyfive': it is a flag (use line 25). The head command is ancient, and does not quite conform to what is now standard practice for unix utilities. Similarly for tail.

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Thanks for your help... You rock!!

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