I have created a program, and wanted some critique on it. There is a website that I go to in order to download roms, and I do not like clicking a ton of links and waiting 15 seconds to download it, so I created a program to fetch it for me. It is actually quite quick. Anyways, any critique would be appreciated. I have attached the source as there are numerous files.
Since this site doesn't allow .rar's, it is first rar'ed, than zipped, so you'll need a program that does both

I tested it out and successfully downloaded an Atari game, it is a really cool application. A few things that you may want to change:

  • After you download a rom it exits the program, there should be a choice to continue.
  • Is there a reason that you zipped a .rar when you can just zip the folder and never use a .rar?

I wish I knew about this application when I was younger and had to navigate those pesky ROM sites.

- I will add that to the things that need to be done. Won't be too hard to do, but I just wanted to finish a version that could actually be released
- It was already rar'ed, and I felt too lazy to unrar then rezip it. So I just threw it in.