I´m communicating via webservices with the Server (where's installed the database) and the c# application. So, **i dont have direct access with the database**

Somehow, i receive a DataSet with 3 tables inside:


And would like to populate 3 combobox like this:


Which (as you already see) has a sequential logic. If i perhaps select "Gabicontas1" instead "Gabicontas" from the first combobox, the next ones has to change..

Can anyone help?

>How to sequential filter/Select multiple combobox w/ just one DataSet

Have an instance of DataView from your dataset and use RowFilter property.

DataView dv=ds.Tables[0].DefaultView;
dv.RowFiler="column_name='" + value1 + "'";  // non-numeric column data type.
dv.RowFiler="column_name=" + value1 + "";  // numeric column data type.