I am working on a project which keeps its data access, business logic and UI in separate projects of a solution.
Is there a way to access a strongly typed dataset in one project of a solution from another project of the same solution?
I need these to fill datagridviews in the UI.
Please answer soon. :S

Yes, just add a reference to the project containing the DataSet.
In the Add Reference dialog select the Projects tab and choose the project containing the DataSet.

I have been trying it that way. But the dataset appears as a class containing some classes; I could not access them as tables. :(

I could not access them as tables.

Not sure what you mean by this.

If you used the dataset designer to create you dataset then yes it contains many sub-classes typically one for each table, and one for each table row.
If you created the tables by draggin from a connected database then there are also dataadapter classes in a seperate namespace.

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