Thanx to daniweb and all the posters. I have created a program for viewing process and hardware information on windows platform. Now i want to run this program on remote machine. How can i do this. I have administrator permission on that machine. Making dll of this program would help me because on network how can i execute exe file. Thanx in Advance.

Hello Jason,

Simply speaking you cannot execute any application on a remote machine. There are many problems doing this. Apart from the implementation limitations there are some major security risks.

However, you can use a utility called PSEXEC( to do this. It internally installs a service on the remote computer and ports your executable there and runs it.

you could do a remote login on the remote computer, assuming you have a user name and password on that machine. I've seen this done by network administrators at my old office, but I don't know exactly how they did it. I suppose another way is to use PCAnywhere by Symantic.

if your program is console based (no gui), you could use telnet. server versions of windows ship with a telnet server. all current versions of windows ship with a telnet client. see

you could also use several third party telnet server programs. eg.
putty is a very poular telnet client

for gui access, you could use Remote Desktop (available only with professional/business versions).

Thanx to all. That was very useful information. In every technic it requires to pre configuration on every machine which is supposed to remotely access. I want to develop generic application so it use basic authentication of windows in every machine it would work without any pre configuration. I have authority on every machine but i want to access all that machine remotely using jni application. I might be wrong please guide me.I want to develop intranet application like psexec for windows. And thanx in advance

I got this open source utility RemCom it works fine on windows 2000 and xp. Its great work done by Talha Tariq.Thanx to all you guys. Try this good stuff. Reusability is great advantage of our community. Thats why I have written below.

This Utility has all the answer for my question bank.
Solved my Problem.Thanx to all other posters for their efforts.