im having a bit of trouble reserving space and with labels

a.asm:6: error: parser: instruction expected
edit should mention im using intel syntax

section .data
msg db "test",0x10
section .bss
mtstr resb 1000
string resb 1000
public _print
	mov eax,4
	mov ebx,1
	mov string,mtstr
	mov ecx,string
	mov edx,1000
section .text
global _start
	mov msg,mtstr
	call _print
	int 80h
	mov eax,1
	mov ebx,0
	int 80h

What are you trying to do with...
mov string,mtstr
mov msg,mtstr

The only memory-to-memory operation is a movsb, movsw, movsd
All other operations are immediate to reg/mem, reg to reg/mem, reg/mem to reg.

trying to create a "function" that reads input and then prints said input

C++ equivalent cin and cout but in one function

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