Hi Guys,

I wonder if you will be able to help me with creating a password generator in VB using VS 2008. I have limited programming knowledge from my time at university and it wasn’t my strong point :).

What I want to do is have a front end which has a text box (to enter password length), a button (to generate a password) and a label (to display the password). I have been successful in creating random numbers; however a password containing just numbers isn’t sufficient. So I would like random characters including uppercase and lowercase letters.

Any help you could provide for this would be greatly appreciated - I have looked around online but no joy as yet.


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Hi Guys, thanks for your post - really helped.

Luc001 - the youtube video was great and allowed me to do exactly what i needed to do, I just expanded on it. Don't know how i didn't find it on youtube had a good look at other videos.

Once again thanks for help it is greatly appreciated.

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