I want to make a smarter child program. Smarter Child incase you don't know was an aim bot that was designed for kids. It was extremely abused but it had pretty good AI and comprehension of what your type.

I don't really know how on this. I would probably be a C# console application because an interface isn't necessary.

I was thinking i could have multiple word banks (lists) that held different things. For example if the user typed in "Hello" it would belong to the Greetings word bank and the program would respond with a response from another word bank containing things like "How are you?".

It would analyze what is typed in and responded based on what word bank it belongs. Of course there would have to be some sort of default word bank answer if the input isn't anything.

Is that a viable idea to make this off of?

do u have exp in prolog language? because in ur way it could be a heavy proj with light action.

Never heard of it....
why would i need it?

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