Good day to all.

First off, let me say that if this is the WRONG place to post such a thread, please let me know, and I will ensure that I get things right from this point on.

A bit of background .... I am an archaic (20yrs +) Mainframe programmer who is desiring to improve his programming skill-set (or should I say bring it into the new millenium !!!!), and I have just finished installing (and uninstalling and re-installing) VB.NET, version 2003. I am running into something of a show-stopper here. I am hoping someone can help me with it.

I am running Windows XP Pro on an AMD-Athlon system at 1.4 GHz, and a CD-R. Suffice it to say, I meet the system requirements for implementation.

When I initially installed, I was requested to update some settings (sorry, can't recall exactly what they were now). I then went through the basic installation (Prerequisites, VB.NET itself, MDSN library, and service releases). Everything went fine, and I followed all processes to the letter. VB even starts up.

However, when I clicked on the "MyProfile" tab from the Start Page, VB CLOSES down on me. I tried again, and same thing. I then tried clicking on the "Online Resources" tab, with the same result. The next time I came in, I stayed on the Projects tab, and opened one of the samples identified in the "Getting Started" manual. That opened fine, and allowed me to navigate, and even run the solution. I made changes and saved the updated solution as well with no problem.

However, I also cannot even create a NEW project/solution without VB closing down. Worst of all, I do not receive any form of error dialog to tell me what went wrong.

Obviously, I have done something wrong during my installation, but I do not know what that is. It seems strange that only a PART of VB works. I REALLY want to learn VB.NET, but I can't do it this way. And I certainly do not want to pay Microsoft $99 a shot at trying to get this resolved.

As a side note... As with almost EVERYTHING that I install, I did not install VB (or the .NET Framework SDK) into the default directories. I installed them to sub-folders under my "C:\Applications" directory. I try to keep my storage more organized. I don't know if this has an impact on things or not.

Hopefully, someone can help me with this. Remember, I'm a mainframe programmer/analyst, so you MAY HAVE TO TALK SLOOOOOOW for me to understand ! lol

Regards, and thanks in advance....
Ian Sundby

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It sounds to me like some messed up DLL files. Truth is, I have no idea how to go about fixing the problem, but in my experience, the only thing that has helped me to overcome such problems, is to remove XP (fdisk, delete the partition, make the partition, format the drive, and reinstall XP). Then install VB.NET again, and it should work fine.

Another attempt at a solution, is to try to download the VB.NET dll's, and overwrite the current ones with the former.

Hi everyone,

Try checking for viruses and try to defrag your HD and see if it works

Richard West

Well Richard,

I DID do a virus-scan and a Defrag with no improvement. Any other ideas ?? I am certainly willing to try anything.


Well, I finally bit the bullet, :evil: re-formatted my hard drive, re-installed XP Pro, and then re-installed VB.NET..... SUCCESSFULLY, I might add.

Now, hopefully I can get on to being a student again and learning VB as opposed to trying to get it to work !


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