Any body having any solution to write a report without using DATA REPORTS and Crystal
and allowing it for preview and print.
The report should be well designed...

Help me

Hello Santosh,

What I am telling you may not be the best solution, but since you dont want data report and Crystal (and assuming other costly reporting tools)-

1. Prepare your report on a separate form, design it the way you like...when user previews the this form and populate the test results
2. Print it using - "Me.printform"
3. Do make sure your form size and paper size matches

Again, this may not be the best of practices, but hope this helps :-)


Hi santosh,
Yea sure you can do it as said by pankaj and vb5prgrmr but i wonder why you dont want to use data report and crystal report.

Hi Pankaj
Already tried all the possibilities. The report is around 300 pages.

1. If I change the Machine to run the program, every time I have to install Crystal. Therefore No CRYSTAL
2. May be I do not know to define the report in Data Report as good in Crystal : THEREFORE NO DATA REPORT


Once again, see my post...

Good Luck