I have a scenario for which I wanted the best solution in asp.net c#. My web application allows users to retrieve search data from database, this data is the users own temporary list of records which they can search, delete records or select them. All these actions are only on users temporary data list and not on the data base. I have currently carried out this functionality using data table which is stored in session. This method is causing problems when huge amounts of data is held in session (eg: 7000 records). I need a best possible solution for this. Is creating temporary tables an option? Can it be assigned to particular user sessions? Please point me to the right direction and right articles.
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First I recommend to ask this question in ASP.NET forum http://www.daniweb.com/forums/forum18.html
Second Why to retrive the 7000 records? those records a result for something? search result of example? if yes you should get them 10 by 10 or X by X where X < 100
Session in your case is pure abuse for what it should be used in :)

there is a need to retrieve 7000+ records obviously thats why its put in place. All these records are used for campaigns or address lables and imported into excel sheets. so its not really a matter of why they cant be retrieved in 10s and 100s. Users also make use of hiding columns and rows, therefore temporary storage is a must. I do realise sessions isnt the best way, and hence this post!

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