Hello everyone, I have one friend who works in port richey, Florida and he dropped his laptop with Seagate momentus drive, now his drive is not detected, no response, no clicking, it seems completely dead...Who can recommends one good data recovery company there equipped with clean room and good data recovery tools? The most important is to have good prices for crashed drives...

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Hi, According to my knowledge, there are several famous data recovery companies there:

US-Data Recovery
ADR data recovery
RTS data recovery

You can go and check which one is the best for you.


Thank you, DRS01, I will go and check to see and deliver the info to my friend


Hi, my friend told me it's hard to find about their data recovery cost, anyone has any idea of that, If it's too expensive, I would help my friend by myself.

If any of you are able to share more reviews about their data recovery services, that would be very nice

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AS far as i knew from one of my client that US-data Recovery provide comparatively reasonable price: Single HD Recovery $250 -$950 based in drive and no recovery, no fee, as well as no inspection fee. they seems also provide special discount to public sector like all Active Military, Police and Fire fighters. if your friend right work in one of the sector, you may go and have a try.
Good luck

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useful info and I will have a try

Hello guys, I just read one great article on one Data recovery E-magzine about finding out the best data recovery company in USA and the article takes Florida data recovery companies as example and talk about their data recovery prices as well, it's very useful.


If you are looking for data recovery services in USA, i would suggest Stellar data recovery services. They has well equipped Class 100 Clean Room to protect your data from further damage. They have well professionals who can help you out for all kind of situations.

Source:- Data Recovery NJ


Data recovery is not as hard as it used to be a decade back and really cheap to get it done. If you have the right tools you can do it at home.

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