I hope someone can help me. I have already done all the queries which I need it thanks to your forum. Can someone tell me how to make a listbox where I can use my SQL Query, but date to be puted by myself.


SELECT Nr_Amez, Emri, Mbiemri,ID, Shuma,data, DATEDIFF(year, date_lindja, getdate()) AS vitet
FROM tblperson_BackUp
WHERE (((data)BETWEEN'6/1/2005' AND '6/30/2005')) ORDER BY data

So the date which it is between 6/1/2005 and 6/30/2005 next month will be changed and I need it that to write manualy using VB.NET.

Ok, I am not really getting your question.

Your subject states TextBox Help but you state in the thread that you want a listbox where you can use SQL ?? Huh?

Remember, we are not working on what you are, so be as specific and concise as possible to get a rapid and accurate response to your question.

From what I can decipher... :

1. Create a Stored Procedure - has two variables (date 1 and date 2)
2. Set the format mask for two text boxes on your form to allow input
3. pass the value from the Text boxes into the appropriate date1 and date2 parameters in your stored procedure.