I am making a server-client application in c++. In this i am also using shared memory & file read-write operations. my program is completely ready & i now wants to make a gui for it. someone suggested me to go for QT4, but when i tried it, i found i have to re-write 80% of the code because QT has got its own classes & variable. i don't want to do it. i want suggestions from you on this regard. my requirements for gui are very simple i.e there will be a main form, which will have two text boxes in which all messages being sent & received by client & server should be shown. there should be another lineedit box, through which i can send the messages to the other end server. I don't know how to make this gui. someone suggested tcl/tk, other suggested me use php/swig. i am not sure how to go about this. my only requirement is that i want to make this simple gui with minimum of changes in my code. THANX

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You ought to be able to write a QT application that wraps your classes without needing to change them...

assuming that you dsign in the first place separated user interface from implementation for example class don't cout data, the return strings which the user interface then couts.

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It depends if you want you GUI to be cross platform or whatever, or lightweight.

If it is only a windows platform you could even use dotnet. That, in my opinion is by far the easiest and if you choose something like c# the learning curve shouldn't at all be too steep. Win32 if you're concerned with using a windows platform and speed wary.

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